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RicePoint is an experienced team of public accountants, case managers, information technology experts, notice administrators, and social media specialists. 
Our professional services team has a reputation for delivering strategic guidance, valued in matters concerning case-sizing, administration structure and notice reach. Clients tell us their expectations are regularly surpassed by our high level of service, responsiveness and competency.
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We’re here to facilitate access to justice for eligible class members by offering comprehensive and cost-effective case administration services.  Our services include: 

Pre-Settlement Consultation
Our class action settlement administration experts can help determine potential claim rates and settlement structures, and can determine the most cost-effective methods of notice and distribution. Consult with us before the settlement agreement is finalized to avoid unexpected costs and interruptions.

Claims Processing 
We are experts in process engineering. Our goal is to efficiently receive and process large volumes of claims in a timely and accurate fashion.  Our success in achieving these objectives is directly correlated to the design and execution of the notification plan. If claimants are clear on what is required to file a claim and they perceive the process and time investment to be proportional to the potential benefit, there is a higher likelihood a claim will be made. 

Data Management 
RicePoint has the technology and team in place to accurately, securely and efficiently manipulate large data files to ensure: undeliverable addresses are identified and corrected, Canada Post address changes are matched and updated, duplicate addresses are removed to reduce postage costs.

Custom reporting is tailored to meet the unique requirements of each class action.

Web Design 
Bilingual case specific websites are designed for easy access to claim forms, notice, frequently asked questions and online filing.

Support Center 
RicePoint has bilingual capabilities to assist claimants on general case information or with questions specific to their claim.

Search Services
Settlements often involve legacy data files. We have the tools and partnerships in place to locate missing class members quickly and affordably so they can participate in settlement benefits.

Disbursements of Funds 
We help deliver direct settlement assets to approved claimants accurately and efficiently. Our processes include fraudulent claim reviews and third party auditing of our allocation methodology. 

Escrow Agent/Tax Services
Our team provides suggestions on investment selection, handles bookkeeping, disburses funds as required, completes all tax requirements and provides full reporting.

Quality Control 
Quality is ensured using a variety of methods: 

  • Barcoding claims with a unique identifier
  • Batching claims
  • Peer-to-peer signoff on data manipulation
  • Third party auditing of allocation calculations
  • Performance objectives



We’re here to help you reach your desired audience through tailored and economical methods of direct and indirect notice programming. In the legal industry, failure to deliver adequate notice in accordance with legal necessities can cause undesired consequences. We design media notice plans that reach class members using easy-to-understand materials, combined with cutting-edge digital tactics that meet quantifiable measures of capability.

We offer many types of notice to meet project needs and budgets, specifically working with direct mail, electronic mail and media-based notice programming to ensure clients’ needs are met with respect to cost effectiveness.  Our in-house graphic design specialists, editors, clear materials advocates, advertisers and public relations professionals make sure your notice is articulated properly to the class members you’re attempting to reach. Our services include:

Pre-Settlement Sessions 
We can help you circumvent unforeseen costs and interruptions with pre-settlement discussions to help assess your needs.

Clear Materials Advocate 
RIcePoint is a distinguished expert and advocate of providing clear, understandable materials to your audience. 

Graphic Design Services 
We have the ability to take complex, legal information and transform it into digestible and easy-to-understand materials using our clear-materials philosophy. Additionally, we provide graphically designed advertisements for website advertising, direct mail efforts and print publications. 

Class Member Search
We’re able to help recognize and find possible class members with our dependable research methods.

Notice Program Strategy and Execution 
Our wide-ranging marketing and communications campaigns reach and advise potential class members using a balance of traditional media tactics and progressive forms of digital and social media outreach.

Case Sizing & Class Member Profiling 
Notification is designed according to the unique characteristics and needs of each case. We design a plan to maximize the return on investment for the demographic profile of the class members. Whether it is direct or indirect notice, we have the experts in web design, social media and traditional media to design and execute a plan professionally and efficiently. We can help you make decisions on whether or not to proceed with specific cases. 

Custom reporting is tailored to meet the unique requirements of each class action.

Claim Form Design 
Modernized designs that class members can understand and complete with ease. 

Expert Consulting & Testimony 
All parties can be confident that our notification programs meet the highest standards. They include: 

  • Expert opinions on the method of dissemination or the form of notice
  • Assisting in pre-certification case collection or post settlement notice plans
  • Media estimating, negotiating, preparation and booking of orders, auditing, and reporting
  • Developing a strategy, tactics and budget to effectively and efficiently reach class members using media-based notice methods 
  • Customized notice and claim forms (policy or account numbers, purchase information, benefit details)
  • Direct mail notice, email notice, forms design, printing, and more
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RicePoint Advantages


We have been appointed as the administration experts for some of the largest and most complex cross-border securities, price-fixing, consumer and medical cases in the past 15 years.



We foster innovation by setting aggressive standards for our systems, which build the foundation of our administration and notice teams.


Our systems are designed to make the claims process, notice dissemination, distribution and reporting efficient and secure. 


Our team provides a hands-on approach to cases they’re involved in at the inception of each new administration, and stay on to the last distribution.


Team members are hand-picked, trained and tested to ensure they possess the necessary leadership and problem-solving skills.

RicePoint Clients

We've had the good fortune of being involved with some of the biggest firms in Canada.
Here are some we've recently added to our growing list of partnerships:

Cavalluzzo Shilton McIntyre Cornish LLP
Paliare Roland Rosenberg Rothstein LLP
Stevensons LLP
Harrison Pensa LLP
Rochon Genova LLP
Ursel Phillips Fellows Hopkinson LLP
Koskie Minsky LLP
Siskinds LLP
Cavalluzzo Shilton McIntyre Cornish LLP
Harrison Pensa LLP
Koskie Minsky LLP
Paliare Roland Rosenberg Rothstein LLP
Rochon Genova LLP
Siskinds LLP
Stevensons LLP
Ursel Phillips Fellows Hopkinson LLP