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Welcome to the brokers section of our website.  Here you'll find information and status updates on our securities class actions and educational tips and tutorials to help you better assist your clients with filing their claims.  If you’re in the finance industry but not often involved with securities class actions, they may seem unnecessarily complex.  Our job at RicePoint is to help you understand what class actions are and how they relate to your business.  We'll describe how they can help you recover assets for your clients, and ask you how we can help make the process of recovering funds easier. 

As part of our introduction to class actions, click on the Securities Class Actions 101 button to see the following tutorials:

  • Class Actions 101: Learning the basics of class action lawsuits 
  • Terminology 101: Understanding the basic terms Used in relation to class actions  
  • Tools 101: Tools you will need to file

Check back often, comment along the way, and even request topics you would like us to highlight.  We’re here to support you and eliminate the confusion associated with securities class actions. 

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